Exenta Shopfloor to Showcase Latest Innovations at Texprocess Americas 2018 in Atlanta, GA

“Hey Alexa, what’s my production status?”


Exenta Shopfloor to Showcase Latest Innovations at Texprocess Americas 2018 in Atlanta GA 


With the exponential growth in the use of virtual assistant technologies like the AMAZON ALEXA®, is it so far-fetched to think that we could use such a tool to monitor activities on of the production floor? Engineers at EXENTA don’t think so.

This is but one of the many new Shop Floor Control (SFC) breakthroughs that the company will unveil in Booth #809 at the upcoming Texprocess Americas trade show in Atlanta on May 22-24.

Using a new Alexa Skill created by Exenta developers, the integration of theEXENTA SHOPFLOOR solution with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant enables managers and teams to get status information on their production operations such as the number of people clocked-in, current efficiency, and other production details. They can also have Alexa approve specific tasks like requests for off-standard status.

The company will also demonstrate a new Production Capacity Planning add-on that integrates powerful real-time Shop Floor Control analytics with ERP to intelligently allocate new production work orders across available production options. The new solution will consider order delivery dates, available raw materials, production capacities, and workforce skill levels to optimize productivity and ensure on-time deliveries.

Exenta Shopfloor will also co-locate with Methods Workshop at the show to demonstrate the power of integrating its shop floor control solution with the industry-leading Engineered TruCost™ (ETC) methods engineering and incentive piece rate development software.

All of this makes Exenta Shopfloor a must-see at the show. Can’t wait for the show? Contact Exenta today to learn more about these and the many other ways we can help take your business to the next level.

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