ColombiaTex 2018, Visit Exenta Shopfloor, ERP, PLM at these locations: P/004 + RJ/126 + RJ/168 January / Enero 23-25

Visit Exenta January 23-25 to see the most advanced technology in software for ERP, PLM and Manufacturing (Shop floor control)

Visite Exenta Enero 23-25 para ver la tecnología más avanzada en software para ERP, PLM  y fabricación (Shopfloor)


SPESA:  RJ/126 – Shopfloor, ERP, PLM, ETC (Methods Workshop)

MACOSER:  RJ/168 – see shopfloor live in action  ver shopfloor en vivo en acción

THE INTELEGENT FACTORY:  P/004 – see shopfloor live in action ver shopfloor en vivo en acción






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