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Enter Simparel, a New York based company that is bringing a state of the art twist to the decades-old SFC tools. Simparel’s Shop Floor Control software solution leverages wireless technology and off-the-shelf mobile devices to
collect production data immediately as it occurs, and help manufacturers better track and manage orders, productivity, incentive payroll, machine downtime and other vital processes and information. “A unified approach—that takes ERP, PLM and SFC into account, allows manufacturers to leverage a more collaborative way of working, enabling real-time input from the myriad of departments involved in the business cycle,” says Roberto Mangual, President and CEO of Simparel.

Having two decades of experience in the fashion and apparel industry, Mangual is a proponent of new age technologies and the efficiencies they can bring to the manufacturing processes. “Our future proof system leverages an innovative Android app, and off-the-shelf tablets running
on Wi-Fi networking to collect production data that empowers workers, supervisors and managers with up to the second production visibility and control,” says Mangual. Simparel SFC changes the game by eliminating the traditional requirements for proprietary hardware, wired network infrastructure and complex software tools.

A Seamless View of Shop Floor

Simparel’s unique solution is designed to help both managers and operators alike in a manufacturing environment. Real time insights into workflows enable managers to instantly figure out “what’s going on where” on their production floor. This replaces the age-old methodologies where they had to rely on visual observations to spot workflow bottlenecks or
to notice a worker who was not performing at his best. They can also monitor the wear and tear of machines to make sure that the production lines are up and running at peak efficiency. Managers have real-time visibility into production status, off- standard events and other issues, enabling them to conduct a more data-driven analysis and take actions faster. On the other hand, the operators can view instructions through images or videos about product construction on the mobile screen, and even track their progress against the goals in real-time.

The solution brings powerful reporting capabilities through inquiries, emails, notifications, and even texts. Managers
can simply look at the SFC app on their smartphones or the management dashboard on their PCs to see details such as

the throughput of an operator, production line, the entire
floor, or an individual machine, and identify and even prevent mounting bottlenecks. They can address the issues quickly, and maximize their productivity in real-time, not after suffering hours or even days of sub-optimal production.

Simparel has also made it possible for companies to manage time and attendance (clock-ins and outs) or notify mechanics or quality control personnel about problems at each

station. “Being a cloud-based solution adds to the advantage, giving factories the liberty to access and start collecting
and analyzing real-time plant floor information, just with an internet connection,” adds Mangual. Decision-makers who sit on different corners of the globe can access the system to gain insights into what is happening at owned or third-party factories with the click of a button.

Workers can also track their progress and productivity real- time on a bright intuitive screen, making it a self-motivating and performance-pacing tool for the operators. “We receive regular feedback from factories that experience a tremendous boost in productivity, rapidly generating millions in ROI.

The workers share in the boost of productivity by increasing performance-based earnings to new heights. We hear stories of workers in developing countries for the first time buying cars, starting savings accounts and overall improving their and their family’s lives. This gives us an immense amount of satisfaction and puts a smile on the faces of our entire team,” adds Mangual.

“Simparel’s state-of-the-art open architecture is our secret weapon”

Customer Centric Approach

Simparel has recognized the importance of offering an all-in-one solution from its inception so that their customers could avoid a complicated web of point solutions and interfaces. Simparel’s state of the art open architecture is

the secret ingredient that enables it to address the evolving customer needs. The company’s core system can be easily adapted to different environments—from apparel and footwear manufacturing

to accessories, home furnishings and industrial products without time- consuming and expensive customization. Designed to scale and evolve with requirements, the configurable nature makes it simple to expand the solution during acquisitions or the launch of

new lines or product categories. “When everyone is working on a common, user-friendly platform, the processes get systemized and automated. This boosts productivity and ROI,” says Mangual.

Simparel complements its powerful solution with world-class customer service, and the company’s commitment to responsiveness has created wonders for numerous firms around the globe, including Propper International,

a leading apparel supplier to the U.S. military and law enforcement organizations.

The uniform and footwear producer leveraged Simparel’s SFC to boost productivity and gain greater visibility into their processes. The SFC solution
is synchronized with Propper’s ERP system for all their production tracking and management needs. Since Simparel’s SFC is designed to work entirely over Wi-Fi networks and off-the-shelf tablets and mobile devices, all that Propper

had to do was install mobile touch- screen tablets across workstations at two Puerto Rican factories, eliminating the requirement of new infrastructure. The adoption led to double-digit efficiency gains and following the success of
their plants in Puerto Rico, Propper is planning to roll out the Simparel solution

Simparel SFC changes the game by eliminating
the traditional requirements for proprietary hardware, wired network infrastructure and complex software tools

at its Haiti and Dominican Republic factories by year end. Leveraging this new technology, Propper continues to earn its stripes as a high-quality and reliable supplier of top-notch military apparel and gear.

Success stories like this are powering Simparel’s leadership in the marketplace today. “We make it a point to follow a continuous feedback process which clearly shows that Simparel has culminated into the most sought-after solution provider,” says Mangual. Whether it’s working with a new client or working through the night on new enhancements, the entire team at Simparel is constantly

driven to raise the bar. The success and unprecedented results are also attributed to the management team’s 70 years of collective experience in helping firms meet and exceed their business goals.

Set for the Future

“We are all about connecting people and businesses with technology to produce real returns and ROI for our clients. We do it by providing our clients with world- class Enterprise Solutions and services backed by the best team and client relations available anywhere,” prides Mangual.

With manufacturing and technology evolving at an unbelievable pace, these unique characteristics have positioned

Simparel as the leader in the market space. Mangual likes to call his solution “matured ahead of time,” and in fact, with a solution that is not burdened with legacy code, Simparel is miles ahead of the competitors in the space. “Our story is unique and no one else offers three state of the art Enterprise-wide solutions – ERP, PLM & SFC. In an industry filled with reskinned FoxPro, Silverlight and Cobol solutions. I encourage today’s shoppers to ask to ‘look under the hood’ before making a selection. We are different and we invite organizations
to come and see the difference for themselves,” says Mangual.

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