A Brief Look at Simparel’s Next Generation Shop Floor Control

Simparel SFC (Shop Floor Control) is easy to setup, implement and use technology that tracks and manages shop floor activity and productivity in real-time. It serves as a remarkable solution for end-to-end production and supply chain planning, continuous improvement, and incentive payroll processing. It provides always-on visibility throughout the cutting, sewing, finishing and packaging production operations. Many companies have documented ROI on their Simparel SFC investment within three to six months.

Simparel, the leading technology innovator in the fashion and consumer goods industries, recently added Shop Floor Control to its suite of ERP, PLM, MRP, SCM, WMS, Integrated Financials and EDI solutions. This combination of integrated products sets Simparel apart as a developer of complete end-to-end solutions for fashion and related brands and vertical retailers. Enhanced by the company’s global resources and over 150 years of combined experience in leading edge technologies, Simparel SFC is the leader in shop floor innovation. The product’s flexibility and adaptability will continue to deliver ever-increasing bottom line results to its ever-expanding international customer base.


Simparel SFC is advanced technology that is easy to deploy and integrate with established systems, use and maintain. The primary shop floor hardware consists of affordable wireless Android tablets loaded with an easy-to-use app and intuitive interface. Machine operators and other production workers get real-time feedback on their own productivity in real time via their wireless tablets. Production and plant managers are able to observe productivity in real-time to identify quality issues and prevent production bottlenecks from escalating into significant delays. The system also calculates incentive or hourly gross payroll. Setup and training is achieved in just days due to the intuitive application.


Simparel SFC boasts more than 15,000 users installed, making it a broad production-proven solution that is well documented to improve shop floor efficiency and boost productivity. Since its original release, Simparel SFC developers have had one goal in mind; to deliver measurable improvements and results for its customers. Working with beta testers and then live customers, user and management feedback has guided all innovation and development. Can setup speed be improved? Is the application as user friendly as it can truly be? Are managers getting all of the information they need to make the most cost and time-effective manufacturing decisions? Are production workers incentivized to work faster and more efficiently at once? How can defect rates be lowered? These were the types of guiding questions which were asked. In each case, improvements were and are continuously made based on real feedback and data provided by both the manufacturing workforce and production managers. The results are impressive and well documented.


Simparel SFC has proven and consistently reports increases in productivity and efficiency of 15 to 20%. It drives substantial reductions in absenteeism and increases in quality throughout the supply chain. The system also eliminates the need for paper and gum sheets while drastically reducing labor hours required to calculate and manage payroll. This move from gum sheets to wireless tablets and real-time data collection means no longer being lost in stacks of papers and reports and payroll inconsistency. Throughout the shop floor and supply chain errors, redundancy and confusion are drastically reduced.



Simparel SFC shop floor control has enabled many companies to completely modernize their manufacturing operations and drastically decrease downtime. Simparel SFC is an off-the shelf product that is so quick and easy to install it enables deployment without any significant disruption to production operations. Shop Floor Control can be implemented within minutes per workstation. Most importantly, the return on investment (ROI), taken as a whole, is often proven within three to six months.


Simparel Shop Floor Control also provides real-time management control and visibility through a browser based application that can be accessed from any web-enabled device. It is available in most languages, which adds to its global appeal. Shop Floor can be integrated and utilized by multiple international companies, divisions or partners which all access the same secure portal.  Some key management features include quality control and labor metrics, report generation, instant email notifications and alerts, and even the ability to download information into worksheets for purposes of doing cost accounting with real time data. User training with the shop floor management tools is easy and fast. The features and functions are as intuitive and as familiar as any other mainstream application in use.


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