Colombian Apparel Maker Zoe Moda Adopts Shopfloor System

LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA. – Methods Workshop LLC, a leading provider of engineering, costing and Shop Floor Control (SFC) software solutions for the fashion and sewn products industries, announced that ZOE MODA has become the first apparel company in Colombia to implement the advanced Shopfloor Eye™ real-time SFC system.

The leading-edge solution that leverages an Android™ app running on wireless tablets and cloud technologies was provided by Methods Workshop through a marketing alliance with OEM developer Shopfloor Support LLC. After only one month of use, the full-package manufacturer of men’s and women’s clothing reported a 20 percent increase in overall production efficiency.

Methods Workshop“We work constantly to be the most organized and efficient company possible,” said ZOE co-owner Sebastian Lopez. “When we saw Shopfloor, we recognized how powerful it would be to identify efficiency in real-time. It took only about 10 days to install and train everyone on the new system. The tablets are very easy to learn and operate as they provide motivational feedback to both our operators and managers. We are very pleased to say that we can now easily measure individual and team efficiency, while better controlling production, quality, downtime and all of our operations. We have already increased production efficiency by 20 percent in just the first month.”

With Shopfloor Eye, Zoe workers and managers use standard Android tablets to scan QR codes attached to bundles of garments as they progress through the production process. The system wirelessly captures and reports on the location of each order and calculates the productivity and efficiency of individuals and teams. ZOE sewing operators get real-time (immediately as activities occur) feedback on their performance, while supervisors and management gain visibility into production line balance, quality issues, off-standard events and more.

“We applaud ZOE for seizing the opportunity of this new and exciting technology,” said Methods Workshop President John Stern. “We are proud to be offering this game-changing manufacturing solution throughout the Americas. With the rapid success at ZOE, we expect to see many more companies adopting Shopfloor Eye in the coming months.”

Justin Hershoran, Shopfloor support partner added: “We are pleased to see such impressive and immediate results at ZOE. Working with our partners, we are building a strong sales and support structure throughout the Americas. We have already put in place support capabilities in Colombia that will serve to support our continued growth in the region.”

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