App Gives Manufacturers an Eye on the Production Floor

Alpharetta, Ga.–based solutions provider Shopfloor Support LLC has launched Shopfloor Eye, a solution that helps manufacturers collect production data and get real-time visibility on the factory floor.

Manufacturers can monitor everything from payroll data to worker feedback to key performance indicators with Shopfloor Eye, which runs on Android tablets and smartphones and uses Wi-Fi networking to gather data without using proprietary hardware or infrastructure, according to Shopfloor Support.

“We are breaking down the barriers that have traditionally held manufacturers back from adopting real-time controls,” said Justin Hershoran, a partner in Shopfloor Support, in a statement. “By leveraging readily available technologies, any company can now benefit from the productivity, management and many other improvements available through this business app, which is easy to install and use. To further simplify deployment, we developed Shopfloor Eye as a plug-in technology that can easily integrate or be embedded into established ERP [enterprise resource planning], reporting, payroll and other production-related systems.”

Shopfloor Support is establishing distribution channels through select ERP and other manufacturing technology, equipment and service providers to serve as value-added resellers or referral partners.

“We are excited to partner with successful distributors to bring these innovations to manufacturers across multiple industries and around the globe,” said Shopfloor Support Partner Per Bringle. “While our system simplifies the deployment, use and maintenance of SFC [shop floor control], manufacturers can expect to gain the complete range of benefits from a real-time environment that drives a record-fast return on investment.”

Shopfloor Eye collects time and attendance information, payroll, worker instructions, performance feedback, work-in-process tracking, individual and team productivity and efficiency, quality control, and machine downtime.

The Shopfloor Eye solution is available in a pay-per-use model rather than with a traditional license fee and subscription plan.

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