Simple and Scalable

Easily scalable to meet your environment needs for users and production locations. Simple to deploy, use and maintain. Off the shelf technology built on a platform in use by over 1 billion people worldwide
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  Integrate with Current Systems

Real-time shop floor control that plugs-in to your ERP, PLM, BOM, Payroll and production systems. Reinvent your shop floor by adding full visibility to your existing software and hardware systems

  Real-Time Shopfloor Data

Easily track productivity with our real-time and historical reporting. Sort and export any screen (real-time or archived) into Excel, PDF and more

  Go Green

Go Paperless! Eliminate gum sheets and travelers with document viewing and real-time tracking. Show instructions in a simple and efficient way, using all the familiar features of Android

With Shopfloor in your hands you can control the flow of your manufacturing production, in real time. Don’t let your ‘Shop Floor’ control you!

  • Use the camera to scan QR, Bar codes, RFID and NFC
  • Track production times, non productive times, breaks and more
  • Track maintenance up time and down time
  • Go paperless, show Travelers on a tablet screen (pdf)
  • Full support for lean manufacturing
  • Built in pacing tools
  • Based on off the shelf technology, runs on android over wifi
  • The only Next Generation shop floor control system available
  • Turn key roll out available
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  • Increase your overall plant efficiency by up to 40%
  • Replace your legacy shop floor systems with modern technology
  • Visual quality control
  • Visual instructions for operators and maintenance
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Advanced Incentive Pay built in
  • Support for flexible pay formulas
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Face Check, secure clock in with face capture
Increase productivity by 11–40% with Real-time and Incentive pay
Reduce your overall paperwork by 95% or more
Save 25+ minutes per operator per day from wasted time
Additional productivity gain over legacy systems

  Security you control

Customizable access levels give users the access they need + secure tablet communication (https).  Face check time and attendance allows auditing ‘who is actually clocking in’.  No data is stored or processed on the tablet for maximum security and reliability.

  Plan & balance

Simple to manage planning + production balancing with real time email notifications.  Resource planning based on what is actually happening in production.  Stay ahead of your orders and do dates in real time.  Remove limitations and add the ultimate in visibility!

  Visual quality & info

Capture quality issues in real time with pictures + show any document to operators.  Remove bulky paperwork from your production floor and create a simple to use electronic document delivery method that is directly linked to production.

  Whats in your plant?

Visibility from your Shop floor throughout your organization using our browser based management dashboard or API integration back to ERP.  always know where your work is, when it will be complete and if you will meet your deadlines!  From customer to cash with Exenta Shopfloor.

Case Study:  Propper International